Evaluation of faculty 2016-2017

In accordance with the procedure for quality management PR 1-07 and Operating Instructions RI 1-07 – 05 of the university evaluation system and maintaining the quality of training, a procedure was launched and approved schedule for evaluating teachers for academic 2016/2017. from the Technical Faculty with the decision of the FA – Minutes №22 from 30.11.2016 onwards as follows:

Department of “Mechanical Engineering” – as. Dr. Blagoyka Paleva
The Department “Technological education and vocational education” – Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Iskreva
Department of “Electronics and Automatics” – Assoc. Prof. Valeri Vachkov
Department of “Communication and Computer Engineering” – Assoc. Prof. DSc Petar Apostolov, Ch. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ivo Angelov, Reverend. Emil French.