Evaluation of training courses 2016-2017

In accordance with the procedure for quality management PR 1-07 and Operating Instructions RI 1-07-02, of the University system for assessing and maintaining the quality of training, a procedure was launched and established schedule and committees to evaluate the courses for the academic 2016/2017. of curricula in professional fields and specialties in which training is conducted at the Technical Faculty a decision of the FA – Minutes №22 from 30.11.2016 onwards as follows:

In curriculum spec. Modeling Technology and Management in the sewing industry, bakalavar_aktualiziran osnoven_2016, on 16/05/2016, version 2 uch.2016 / 2017 to assess the following courses:
Engineering Physics I;
Engineering Mathematics I;

In curriculum spec. Vak_2016 Electronics, 5.17.2016, the version 2 for the academic 2016/2017, to assess the following courses:
programming I
Engineering Mathematics I
Electrical engineering

At scientist plan to spec. Technique, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Bachelor, 2013 to assess the following courses:
Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics
Technological Practice: Electrical and Electronics