The Faculty Engineering is the newest faculty of the South-West University “Neofit Rilski”.

It was created in 2015 with the Council of Ministers Decree № 39 dated 4 March 2015.

Faculty Engineering provides teaching in the following specialties:

  • Electronics
  • Communication Engineering and Technologies
  • Computer Systems and Technologies
  • Modelling, Technologies and Management in the Sewing Industry
  • Pedagogy of Teaching Techniques, Technologies and Entrepreneurship
  • Pedagogy of Teaching Technologies and Entrepreneurship

The graduates acquired a higher education degree “Bachelor”. The form of study is full time and part time.

Master’s degree in:

  • “Computer Systems and Technologies”
  • “Career development and Entrepreneurship”
  • “Pedagogy of Teaching Technologies and Entrepreneurship”

Specializations for obtaining a professional qualification as a:

  • Teacher in Teaching Technologies and Entrepreneurship
  • Teacher in Teaching Technics and Technologies
  • Teacher in Professional training

In the Faculty can be trained PhD students in accredited programs:

  • “Computer systems, complexes and networks” – regular, extramural and individual form of education.
  • ” Methodology of Teaching technics and Technology” – regular, extramural and individual form of education.

The mission of the Faculty Engineering is to conduct educational and scientific research and to provide competent scientific services to industry, economics and the institutions in school education system, hold high academic staff, attracts, trains, and builds highly qualified graduates.